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Small Group Coaching

Are you struggling with a belief that you’re not worthy?

Is fear and anxiety preventing you from doing what you really want to do?

Do you feel like you’re afraid of everything and you can’t focus on anything?

It’s completely unfair that you have to deal with that, but I want to help you triumph over your anxiety.

As a guy who had to be forced to do anything because of my horrible fear of embarrassing myself, I know how hard it can be.

But the great news is you are in the perfect position to conquer the ruthless causes of your anxiety, and you don’t have to be in that battle alone.

Let’s do it together. You and me. One on one.

Contact me about my incredibly affordable coaching programs. Single sessions to longer engagements.

All completely customized to your needs.

Is your group struggling to accomplish its objectives? Has progress ground to a halt? Has conflict turned the group’s dynamics toxic?

I have successfully inspired small groups as diverse as nursing organizations, human resources professionals and churches to re-envision their culture for greater communication and success. Have me in to work with your group.

Popular topics include:

Causes and Conditions of Success

Learned Optimism

Optimizing Mindsets For Group Performance

Change Effectiveness

My interactive small-group workshops are hailed as eye-opening, inspirational and energizing.