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Frequently Asked Questions

These courses are not designed for use as medical references to diagnose, treat or prevent medical or mental health illnesses or trauma. If you have questions about the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a medical condition or mental illness, you should consult your personal physician or other mental health professional.

These courses are intended to help those struggling with anxiety related disorders develop the knowledge and ability to combat and overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety.

It is for those people who would prefer a self-directed learning experience, and who would prefer to develop their understanding and skills at their own pace.

Our courses range in price from $12 to $249 dollars depending upon the scope of the course.

Rest assured that these courses cost less money than you’d pay for one visit to a psychiatrist or psychologist in private practice. They’re even less money than you’d spend taking a course at a local community college.

And unlike the experience of seeing  a professional provider or jumping in your car and travelling a couple of nights a week to a college, our courses come with a 110% money back guarantee of satisfaction.

You read that right. I’ll give you all your money back plus ten percent for your trouble if you’re not satisfied. That’s how confident we are of the value these courses provide.

Because we want you to proceed at a pace you feel most comfortable with, we’ll send you a link to a multi-media package which you can download directly to your own computer,

You’ll have lifetime access to the course once you’ve paid for it. And even if you’re not satisfied with it, it’s yours to keep.

We will email a link to the course to your preferred email address. Just tell us where you want it delivered, and we’ll send it right over.