Does your business Give you:

  • More free time?
  • More family time?
  • More profits?
  • More time to work on your business, rather than in your business?

If you’re like the typical entrepreneur you’re putting in 60 hour weeks, wearing more hats than can fit on your head, solving problems in every area of your business, as well as putting out an endless series of fires to keep customers happy.

“My business was just running out of control. The shop didn’t know what the office was doing. The office didn’t know what the shop was doing. I wasn’t making payroll.”

You’re probably selling lots of projects, with top line revenue growing and months-long backlogs building.

There’s something missing, though…

Bottom line growth. More net profit.

Yeah, but if more profit means taking on more work…?

You may have misgivings about taking on more work because of the stress you’re already under. 

Frankly, you might even be thinking about downsizing the business so you could off-load a ton of stress and get back to doing the things that you really love.

“We were operating intuitively. We were awesome technicians, but none of us had formal business training. We really didn’t understand the business of business and it was catching up to us.”

If this sounds too familiar, then your business is not working for you. You are working for your business, and it is THE most deranged, unforgiving boss you’ve ever worked for.

And here’s what’s causing that…

The systems and processes you have in place no longer work for where you’re at.

They might have worked just fine when you were starting out, but they’re not up to the task once you reach a certain level.

And by the way, if you’re wondering why you’ve been unable to get to the next level – whatever that means to you – the answers may be hiding in processes that aren’t up to the task anymore.

But look, it’s not all gloom and doom…

The great news is there is a way to get control of your business and get the whole team rowing the boat in the same direction.

There is a proven method for:

    • Simplifying your operations.
    • Reducing friction in your production.
    • Improving production quality.
    • Leveling out production.
    • Developing your people.
    • Driving organization-wide focus on key metrics.
    • Reducing labor costs (without firing anyone).
    • Reducing materials costs (without haggling with suppliers).
    • Eliminating the head-slapping, day-to-day aggravations.
    • Holding teams accountable.
    • Improving company morale.

It is the exact system Toyota used to rise to the top of the auto production market.

It’s also been used by Intel, Caterpillar, and Kimberly-Clark, and it works like a dream for small service businesses as well.

And that means:

  • More profit for you.
  • Less stress and anxiety for you and your teams.
  • Less time tethered to your phone taking care of business.
  • Teams who can solve problems in your absence.
  • More time and more headspace to work on your business.
  • More time to spend with your family.

If this sounds attractive to you, and you’re ready to be done with crazy, stressful days, not enough profit reaching the bottom line, and a business which sucks the life out of you, let’s talk and see if I can help.

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